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Mailing Service


Suter Printing offers a wide-range of mailing services that fit any budget and schedule. We provide list acquisition, folding, collating, tabbing, inserting, inkjet addressing, personalized laser printing, and more. With our combined marketing and mailing capabilities, your direct mail campaign is sure to be a hit. Optimize your direct marketing strategies NOW and save money on all your mail projects! Read "Direct Mail Common Sense Tips" on our blog


Getting Started

Before everything else, we at Suter Printing make it a point to study everything that directly and indirectly affects your business. We want to understand your goals, your competition and your creative outlook to help us come up with a marketing approach that fits your company and the industry it belongs to. Let us help you achieve your objectives by letting us know more about YOU!


Affordable Terms and Pricing

When you choose Suter Printing, you don’t have to worry about how much you’re going to spend on your direct mail campaign. We will let you know how much our printing and mailing services cost from the get-go. No more additional charges and no more extra fees for hours of work that you cannot account for.













Different Mailing Options

Suter Printing can tailor your direct mail according to your specifications. Is your focus on the design or the message? Do you want black and white or four-color printing? These are just some of our mailing services that allow you to customize your bulk mail project. We will send whatever contents you decide to enclose and help you assemble and send your mail pieces in accordance with the current postal regulations.


From folding and inserting materials to printing envelopes and letters and applying postage, Suter Printing’s mailing services give customers the freedom to put their materials together in whatever way they choose.


Suter Printing’s Guarantee

Mailing and printing services are also offered by other companies across the globe but so few are able to launch marketing-driven direct mail campaigns that work. Suter Printing will be there for you every step of the way from conceptualization to final mailing. We have the know-how, experience, and manpower to promote your company/brand using proven direct mail strategies.


Feel free to contact a customer service representative to get a better idea of the mailing services that we offer.



Mail and other Media Statistics


Let's look at mail and how it impacts and integrates with other media. As we all know, each media has its strengths and its limitations. We'll look at these as part of this discussion. But first, I want to share a recent research finding that demonstrates why it’s so important to look beyond single channel media campaigns to integrated initiatives.


This study found that consumers who interact with brands over multiple media channels display more loyalty and spend 30% more than consumers who shop using a single media channel. Now, Iet’s look at the media options available and how mail can strengthen all of them.


We've studied how mail compares to other media in generating a response and here are the results.


Overall Response Rates


Telephone 8.55%

Direct Response Television (DRTV) 8.14%

Catalog 3.67%

Mail 3.40%

E—Mail 2.48%

Dimensional Mail 2.30%

Radio 1.35%

Newspaper 0.50%

Magazine 0.17%


You can see that mail and catalog response rates exceed a majority of the media, including e-mail, radio, magazine, and newspaper. Although they come in slightly lower than telephone and Direct Response TV, it is important to understand the cost per response in each of the respective mediums. Although telephone tops the list with an 8.55% response rate, they also top the list in cost per contact at $1.27 compared to 46 cents for mail and just 57 cents for catalogs.


ln addition, mail and catalogs lead all mediums except telephone in Traffic Building, returning a 4.6% and 9.64% response rate respectively. These figures measure the number of prospects that visit a store, website, or place of business as a result of contact.

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